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We are Home Generator, Commercial Generator, and Industrial Contractors offering the most comprehensive source for quality whole home generator systems, portable generators, backup generators and accessories in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

Our company is proud to represent GENERAC Power Solutions, the leader in innovative standby power systems using the most advanced Power Management Smart technology available today.

We’ve served the area for 40 YEARS!

Home Generator Accessories

GENERAC Power Solutions can effectively manage larger loads allowing our customers to purchase a smaller generator system to do the work of a larger less energy efficient generator system. Smart technology means lower up-front costs, less operating and maintenance costs, and its more energy efficient. By offering a turn-key professional installation you are assured of purchasing a quality generator system, installed correctly and having access to superior after sale service by the Bakers Team.

Residential Standby Generator Line Up: – Generators from 8KW to 60KW

  • Automatic, hands-free backup power supply for home or business.
  • Kicks in within ten seconds of determining power loss. Your life won’t miss a beat.
  • Powered by Generac’s OHVI® engine – designed specifically for generators. Lasts three to four times longer than many competitive engines.
  • Easiest installation and best value on the market – many models pre-packaged with a pre-wired transfer switch(U.S. and Canada only). All models include mounting pad.
  • TruePower™ Technology provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.
  • Quiet-Test™ mode for a weekly self test that’s quieter than other brands.
  • The most environmentally friendly generator on the market – consumes less fuel and releases fewer emissions.

Commercial Standby Generator Line Up: – Generators from 22KW to 150KW

  • Keep your security systems powered – protect your business from theft during a power outage
  • Insure against the cost of lost refrigerated goods – refrigerators and freezers never lose power
  • Keep your customers – your doors stay open to serve their needs in an emergency
  • Gain a competitive advantage- if your competitors are closed their customers will come to you
  • Safety for the community- schools, churches and municipal buildings can provide safety in an emergency

Industrial Standby Generator Line Up: – Generators from 300KW to 9000KW, Gaseous, Diesel, Biofuel, Modular Power Systems

  • Sizes up to 9000 kW
  • Superior Reliability – Each genset backs up the others in the system, so critical loads get redundant protection. Built-in redundancy also allows individual units to be taken off-line for routine maintenance while retaining coverage for critical circuits.
  • Scalability – With MPS or the Gemini® Twin Pack, Generac customers can purchase the system they need today, and can add units quickly and easily as they are needed. There’s no need to replace the system if future power requirements exceed projections and no need to over-spend on a larger system that might never be fully utilized.
  • Flexibility – MPS gensets are small enough to fit into spaces that can’t accommodate large units, and they are light enough for rooftop applications. Since MPS modules don’t have to be physically located together, you can better utilize available space. In addition, the space required for switchgear and large external panel boards is eliminated.
  • Serviceability – By using consistently reliable, high volume engines, MPS units are easy to service by qualified engine technicians. Maintenance items and replacement parts are relatively inexpensive and readily available.

Portable Generator Line Up: – GP Series, XG Series, XP Series, iX Series, LP Series

Generac’s rugged, dependable line of portable generators are designed to deliver power wherever you are—from tailgate parties to construction sites. With sizes up to 17500 watts, you can take your power with you wherever you need it. The LP Series uses liquid propane as the fuel.

RV Generators: – Gasoline, Diesel, PropaneP Series, XG Series, XP Series, iX Series, LP Series

Generac’s RV generators represent the best value and reliability on the market today, packing more power into a small footprint with superior noise reduction and fuel efficiency. Typical applications include Class A and C motor homes with single or dual air conditioning, fifth wheels, travel trailers, sport utility trailers, horse trailers and industrial vehicles.